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Pratap Pothen is a man who knows too much


Character: Pratap, the theatre director

Actor: Pratap Pothen

Film: Varumayin Niram Sivappu (1980)

Pratap Pothen is the Talented Mr. Ripley. He doesn’t act as much as he steps into the shoes of his characters. He tells stories with nuanced expressions and carefully-planned gestures, not laboriously dictated dialogues. He shares screen time and space with his fellow actors, outshines them and spurs each of them to perform better. This is unlike the modus operandi of so-called “great actors” who hog every frame they are in under the pretext of pleasing audiences. Actors such as Kamal Hassan and Prakash Raj romanticize their characters so much that we instinctively step back to politely applaud.

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